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About Assistance League

Assistance League of Laguna Beach is a volunteer service organization whose members identify, develop, implement, and fund ongoing philanthropic programs for specific needs of the community. Join us! More about what we do...

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Latest News

RHDana PlaygroundEquip 1-15

Assistance League’s $25,000 Grant Put in Play!

Recently, seven members of the Assistance League of Laguna Beach attended a ceremony at the R.H. Dana Exceptional Needs Facility to celebrate the addition of new and specialized playground equipment, funded in part by a $25,000 grant from the Assistance League.  The enhanced equipment will provide all students in the school the ability to play and swing outside.  One piece of the equipment … [read more...]


Laguna Beach Community Clinic Receives $78,000 Grant from Assistance League

The Laguna Beach Community Clinic is in the process of converting paper medical records into electronic ones. In order to accomplish this, costly new computer hardware and software is needed.  The Clinic received much needed support from the Assistance League of Laguna Beach in the form of a $78,000 grant to assist with this purchase. Assistance League President Judy Soulakis and Assistance … [read more...]

Professionals military packages 2014

Assistance League Professionals in Action for the Military

Again this year, members of the Assistance League of Laguna Beach's Professionals group collected books and assorted gifts to send to men and women who are deployed by the United States Military during the holiday season.  At their November meeting, they packed up fifty-six boxes of the collected items for mailing to soldiers overseas in places like Afghanistan. Soldiers receiving these holiday … [read more...]

New Members 11-2014

Assistance League's Membership Continues to Grow New members continue to be drawn to the Assistance League of Laguna Beach.  Attracted by the nonprofit's more than fifty years of community service, its philanthropic programs, and its dedicated volunteers, new members join its ranks, raising the League's membership roster to over 200.  With the ongoing addition of new members, the League has … [read more...]